We started repairing glass fiber boats from the very beginning when they were introduced in Finland. Decades of work have created extensive electronic database that is being used in evaluating and planning repairs. Glass fiber lamination can only be done manually. As all of the reparation works are unique, experience in this area is highly important as to keep the works that are being done to fit the original specs of the boat. The aim of reparation process is to return the boat in the original or it’s designed strength for boat to maintain its long lifespan. The lifespan of a glass fiber yacht is expected to be around 40 years, but well maintained yachts should last almost forever. That’s why experience and care taking counts.

Jouko Lindgren Oy has been authorized by all the leading insurance companies. We annually repair few dozens of boats from 60 foot motor yachts to Optimist dinghies. We specialize in repairing of sailing yachts and motor yachts collision damage. In case of emergency you can call us directly to our office or the 24/7 summer hotline – we will assist you with everything from insurance documents to logistics.

The most common service and reparation works

  • Sailing and motor yacht damages
  • Dinghy damages
  • Collision damages and damage caused by grounding
  • Damages from mooring and storms
  • Damages on coating and repairs
  • Carbon fibre repairs
  • Wood works
  • Installation of new instruments
  • Rudder repairs

Phase 1. Contact us

After you have contacted us we will agree about the logistics of your yacht to our premises. You may also sail your yacht to our new harbor if the damage doesn’t affect your yacht’s seaworthiness or towing service can be provided if required. If your boat is already lifted and on land, we can organize the transportation through our logistics partners.

Phase 2. Damage survey

Prior to reparation works a damage survey will be made. We will inspect for visible damages of your yacht and evaluate the intensity by using technical instruments. Our digital database that consists of thousands of work files with photos will be used to help with the planning of the reparation. The damage inspector will create a work schedule and estimated budget for you and your insurance company. The damage survey is a mandatory work phase to prevent inconvenient surprises after the reparation works are done.

You may attach the damage survey and photos to the insurance documents. This will decrease the time taken for the insurance company’s decision making.

Phase 3. Repair works and evaluation

The reparation will proceed after the damage survey is completed and approved by the insurance company. You will be allowed to inspect the yacht with us after the work has been completed.

Phase 4. Back to sea

Your yacht is now seaworthy. If your boat requires additional services, such as washing, polishing and waxing, please let us know in advance before your yacht is back in the sea to prevent extra cost. If your yacht is being repaired in the winter, we also have winter storage for your yacht until the next summer (Please contact the office for any offers).


Enquiries regarding boat reparations can be done through the link below or directly to our chief of reparations:

Chief of reparations
Berndt Broms
09 622 5322
040 534 5170