Boat lifting


In 2017 we have opened a new boat lifting site and harbor in the proximity of our premises. The service marina lies in a new marina pool formed behind a high stonewall from the new cruise line terminal construction site and is thus very well sheltered from the main wind directions. From the harbor’s floating jetty, you may find electricity pods, wooden steps to help access your boat and transportation carts for your bags and equipment. Gas bottle and emergency flare storage is located inside the marina beside the hazardous waste disposal container and it’s accessible conveniently. You may arrive on the agreed date and moor your yacht when it’s best suited for your schedule. We will take care of the rest. The marina is spacious and big enough for bigger yachts. The depth of 5 meters allows mooring for larger sailing yachts even if water level is low. We will be always there to help you moor your boat during working hours, or any time if necessary.

About our docking equipment

  • 2 auto cranes, lifting to max. of 24t
  • 2 Valtra tractors equipped with Roodberg yacht transportation trailers, up to max. 20t
  • 1 fork lift
  • 300 yacht cradles for motor yachts and sailing yachts

Your yacht’s cradle must match or modification can be done by us to fit the requirements of our docking equipment. Rental of suitable cradles for both sailing and motor yachts are also available (see pricing, price depends on the size of the yacht).

Additional services

Cleaning of the underwater parts

When your boat is being lifted, the algae and barnacles should be cleaned off immediately as if the algae and barnacles are left to dry up on the hull they are difficult to remove. We always offer cleaning of your yachts underwater hull and traction device when you request offer for boat lifting.

Cleaning of the deck

If your yachts deck is unclean after summer, it is good to get it cleaned before the dirt stains sets in the yacht and it’s difficult to remove after. We offer cleaning for your yacht while lifting the boats with tested and safe detergents. Please ask for deck cleaning when requesting offer for boat lifting.

Waxing and polishing

You may request waxing and polishing when ordering boat lifting. We do the works according to your needs. After the request for the service, we will assess the condition of your yacht and give you a quote. Charging of waxing and polishing services are based on working hours, that depends on the current shape of your yacht. It is good to request for waxing and polishing already when your yacht is prepared for winter storage to make your spring schedule smoother.

Servicing of engine and electronics

When putting your yacht in the water we will inspect the water tightness and your yachts engine’s functionality. In case of problems, our partners will be able to deal with the problem onsite.

Rigging and handling of sailing yacht's rig

A team of skilled and experienced sailors are in-charge of derigging and rigging your mast quickly. Your mast may be rigged or derigged while moored at our floating jetty or after lifting on the cradle. After derigging your mast is labelled and put on the storage rack.

The prices of rigging or derigging is based on the size of your boat. Services like setting of sails, boom, ropes, electronic cables or even trimming your rig are in addition so please let us know and ask for offers.


Any docking, mast work or additional services please send your enquiries by clicking the link below or call directly to the office:

Niklas Lindgren
050 3695228

Joonas Lindgren
050 3695227