Our new sheltered harbor and boat lifting site in Hernesaari, the southernmost tip of Helsinki peninsula is suitable for sailing yachts of all sizes. We have 70 meters of floating jetty that is ideal for convenient mooring for rigging and derigging. The harbor is 5 meters deep which allows docking for yachts with deep draft. We will arrange for pick up or drop off for your yacht to fit your schedule. Delivery may also be an option for your yacht if required.

Stress free sailing is the done conveniently with our all-inclusive service package. We will pick up your boat, do all the works and deliver the boat trimmed up and ready to sail back at your docking spot.


  • Sailing yacht rigs are rigged and derigged in our harbor, where the mast storage is also located. While derigging the mast we will take your masts spreaders, wind indicators, antenna, and turnbuckle pins and sprints inside your yacht in little storage boxes. After your mast is moved to the storage rack. If necessary, let us know in advance if you have any works to be done on your mast.
  • You should disconnect the power cables prior to derigging your boat. If you want us to do it for you, please notify us while ordering the derigging or rigging.
  • It is important that you empty the water storage and septic tank prior to lifting of your yacht. The closest septic tank emptying stations are located close by in the ST1 gas stations in Lauttasaari, HSK or Sirpalesaari, HSS.
  • Empty your boat from all perishable goods such as food or wet clothes. Lift the cushioning and mattresses so that air can circulate.
  • Take out your gas bottles and emergency flares and mark them with your yacht’s name or your name. They need to be stored in the service harbor in a storage box for safety reasons.
  • If the main electricity switches are in difficult or hard to find locations in your yacht, please notify us so that boat lifting operations would run smoother.