The Baltic Sea, a young and vulnerable sea, has given us the luxury of enjoying sailing and boating between the beautiful coastline of Helsinki and the archipelago of Turku. It is important for everyone in the yachting industry to play a part to contribute to protecting and keeping the waters of our delicate and unique archipelago clean for next generations to come.

Ecofriendly hull cleaning

Our hull washing station is now equipped with a quality multiphase water cleaning system that filters heavy metals and other toxins that are released from the hull in the process of washing. The collected waste will be delivered for hazardous waste treatment for further processing. After the filtering process, the treated water will be recycled and re-routed to our washing system for use. We wash approximately 500 hulls and decks annually and we are committed in doing our part in protecting the Baltic Sea by investing in the water cleaning system. Our services enable boaters to reduce ecological footprints while enjoying the beauty of the Baltic Sea and the Finnish archipelago.

Water recycling

Particle recycling

99,9% filtering

Hazardous waste collection and recycling

Did you know that hazardous waste could be turned into valuable resources? We handle the collection and the recycling of the hazardous waste according to our ISO 9001:2015 Standardized quality systems' hazardous waste collection and treatment plan. Old batteries, sanding dust, old paints, resins and other chemicals are collected and placed in their allocated storage containers. These storage containers are kept in a designated box container located in our harbour. Our processes are aligned with the regulations imposed by Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY). As our customer, you can be assured that we take proper care of waste disposal.


We are a proud supporter of "Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry" (Keep Archipelago Tidy Association. Learn more of their activities by clicking the logo on the left.

In spring 2020, we will collaborate with Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association by setting up an observation station in our harbour to monitor the beginning of barnacle growth season. We will also be supporting the association’s campaign to encourage antifouling paint free boating by offering complimentary hull washing during the summer sailing season to selected boaters from the association’s campaign. We would like to show our support the association’s valuable work for the archipelago. Click on the logo to find out more about the associations and their works.